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Thermomixer - Thermodroid for mixtures

The thermodynamic and thermophysical calculator.
Allows you to calculate the thermodynamic properties for the clean components or for mixtures of arbitrary composition:
-    Temperature, Pressure, Volume, Vapour Fraction, Enthalpy, Entropy by Peng-Robinson (1975) EOS
-    The equilibrium compositions of vapour and liquid phases
-    Liquid density by Yen-Woods eq.
-    Heat of evaporation (EOS)
-    Cp – heat capacity isobaric (EOS)
-    Cv – heat capacity isochoric (EOS)
-    sonic speed (EOS)
-    adiabatic coefficient (EOS)
Thermophysical properties:
-    Thermal conductivity (Stiel-Thodost eq. for gases, polynomial for liquid)
-    Viscosity (Jossi-Stiel-Thodost eq. for gases, polynomial for liquid)
You can calculate the thermodynamic characteristics of some apparatus:
-    Heat exchanger
-    Isoenthalpic  valve
-    Polytropic compressor
-    Polytropic expander

Extensive macro language (only for clear components now)

You can save the calculations on the disk and load them, export in html format.

The available elements for calculations:
Methane, ethane, propane, n-butane, i-butane, R22, R134a, ammonia, H2O, CO2, nitrogen, oxygen, argon.

Thermomixer at Google Play 

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