среда, 10 июля 2013 г.

Integrated calculator for Thermodroid

Thermodroid ver 2.95 provides the ability to use the integrated calculator for calculations directly in the program. Integrated calculator allows you to calculate complex mathematical expressions. Now you do not need to constantly switch between Thermodroid and calculator, or run macros editor. Just one press of a button


In addition to a wide range of mathematical functions Thermodroid calculator allows you to use built-in functions for calculating the thermodynamic and thermal parameters.

In addition calculator has plotter, which can be used to visualize the calculations.

The molar heat capacity methane at various pressures depending on temperature

 s-T Diagram of methane with plotted curves of boiling and condensation and three isobars
 the set of functions describing the curves of Example

Integrated calculator - an alternative to the macro editor - a simple and useful tool that can save your time.

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