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anSolver can solve now systems of non-linear equations

Simple example to calculate system of two linear equations with two variables x, y:
1. Open anSolver - Scientific calculator for Android OS with plotter.
2. First of all you need to declare variables x and y. The initial values will taken as first approach.
3. Than you can write the system of equations
We have two variables an two equations. It is important, because number of equations cannot be less than number of variables. If number of equations more than number of variables, the solver will assumed only N of last equations, where N is the number of unknown variables.
4. Type solve directive:
This is need to define the list of unknown varibles for which the system should be solved.
5. Press the Solve button.
6. In output field you see now the result of calculations.
x = 0,5714
y = -3.6429
Other complex sample with three non-linear equations:
The results you can see below (the intial values are x=1, y=1, z=1)

If you change the initial values (x=3, y=2, z=1) then the results will change to:

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